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Cupcake Camp Summerville 2013 Photos Courtesy of Rebekah Gahimer Photography

Courtesy of Rebekah Gahimer Photography

Courtesy of Rebekah Gahimer Photography

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Courtesy of Rebekah Gahimer Photography

Courtesy of Rebekah Gahimer Photography

362 378 381 391 415 271 306 309 326 327 336 346

Courtesy of Rebekah Gahimer Photography

Courtesy of Rebekah Gahimer Photography

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Courtesy of Rebekah Gahimer Photography

Courtesy of Rebekah Gahimer Photography

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Courtesy of Rebekah Gahimer Photography

Location, location, location

If you’re a small business or know of one that might be interested in a pop-up cupcake camp for the Summerville area, let us know! Let us help promote you! Email us at

Pop-up Cupcake Camps for Summerville?

We are thinking of hosting smaller cupcake camps for Summerville this year for smaller places. Sort of like pop-up camps. What do you think? Email us at

Say Hello to One of our Sponsors, Alison and Kent McConoughey

Meet one of Our Sponsors, Alison and Kent McConoughey!

Shaklee believes in a healthier life for everyone and a better life for anyone. That’s why Alison and Kent McConoughey have partnered with Shaklee in their life quest to live every moment to the fullest. We believe in loving your life, breathing fresh air, and having no regrets. Our nationally recognized team is devoted to showing families how to live healthier AND have financial freedom.

For more information, visit, their Facebook page,, or on Instagram: happyalison180.

Meet Sara Duncan, one of our Judges!

Meet Sara Duncan, one of our Judges for Cupcake Camp Summerville!

  I am a former pastry chef that was educated at Johnson and Wales University and graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Pastry Arts in 2002.  I have worked in cities including Atlanta, Charleston, and Aspen at places like the St. Regis Hotel, Aspen Meadows Resort, and Woodlands Inn.  I obtained my first certification from the ACF in 2005.   Throughout my pastry career I focused on gaining expertise in chocolate and sugar artistry, cake decorating, artisan bread baking and fine dining dessert presentations.
  Thank you for letting me a part of this event!

Meet Charleston Bakery and Delicatessen with Pastry Chef Allison Galentine, Our latest Sponsors!

Meet Charleston Bakery & Delicatessen with Pastry Chef Allison Galentine, Our latest Sponsors!

Our returning faithful Chef Pastry and former Judge Allison Galentine is bringing a motherload of sweet treats sponsored by Charleston Bakery & Delicatessen.  Recently located in Summerville, we welcome Charleston Bakery & Delicatessen!

Why is it that people stand in line to get into the Charleston Bakery? Most likely for two reasons: First is our strong emphasis on a cuisine that once thrived as the very center of Jewish life. The founders sought to find a middle ground for young customers more accustomed to eating at the bland chain deli operations and it’s older customers yearning for culture paved over by time and endangered by assimilation, homogenization, and health food trends. The other reason for our success lies in the simple motto posted throughout the bakery’s workspace… “Feed them as if it were their last meal.”

Come see the results of 14 hour workdays in our open kitchen. Mornings come enjoy handmade breakfast pastry, fresh bagels, croissants and baguettes; cream cheese spreads just as good as Zabar’s, and our house smoked salmon lox that melts in your mouth. A large variety of choices in our coffee bar go perfect with the abundant breakfast platters offered.

Lunch is kicked up a few notches as we prepare our own corned beef, pastrami and roast beefs. And one has to have just the perfect bread so of course we make our own Jewish rye and french baguettes. Our mojo orange cubanos alone draws a crowd for those that know authentic Cuban sandwiches. Chicken salad starts with whole roasted chickens and hand stripped because chicken is so much better when it’s cooked on the bone. There are no short cuts taken here when it comes to what we feed our customers

Come for the sponge cake based cheesecakes, Italian cannoli with pistachios, authentic rum cakes and the black and white cookies. Everything from the bakalva to the eclairs are made every day…a rarity if not impossible to find locally. Chocolate lovers will find they’ve been well provided for and those wanting cakes, pastries and tortes from around the world will only need to travel a short distance.

Our portfolio of wedding and special event cakes are impressive visually and more importantly the quality of what we create for you will certainly exceed you and your guests taste expectations.

Planning an important business meeting or social gathering and want to feed them well and within budget? Call us.

Find us on Facebook or online! The Charleston Bakery is open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch and late afternoon for coffee, desserts and special cake orders. Come see us at our new location on 10597 Dorchester Road, Summerville, SC.


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