Hello, Everlasting Moments Video! Another Sponsor for Cupcake Camp Summerville!

We welcome Everlasting Moments Video who was a Sponsor for Cupcake Camp Charleston and is now a great help to Cupcake Camp Summerville!

Everlasting Moments Video is a husband and wife team dedicated to capturing memories.  We started our careers as videographers while the ink was still drying on our Visual Communications degrees, and developed our talent while living in Connecticut.  Soon we had built a great reputation in the wedding industry, sometimes being called upon to hop the ferry to Long Island to film.  Two years ago, we moved to the Charleston area and now offer our services in the #1 wedding destination city in the U.S.

While we specialize in weddings and family gatherings, we are also expanding our skills to other areas.  We can help small businesses, corporations or towns create web videos, commercials, or even film a grand opening.  EMV will also dub old media to DVD or hard drive, scan and edit photos that need Photoshop help, create photo/video montages set to music, as well as edit your existing raw video.

Any special event that brings together family and friends ought to be preserved for all time, not just in a snap shot, but with vivid, high quality, stirring video and audio. Seeing and hearing your loved ones laugh, dance, or toast your good health are priceless memories, trust us and our 12 years of experience to capture your event.  We are devoted to creating something timeless and a constant reminder of love in all forms.  

For more information, visit www.everlastingmomentsvideo.com.


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