Hello, It’s Jeanne Mitchum, Our latest Sponsor!

Meet Jeanne Mitchum, a cool cat of a Sponsor!

Jeanne is a musician,  artist and photographer. She is inspired by great art and has a passion for capturing emotion with her camera. Jeanne feels abundantly blessed to capture couples on their wedding day,  and to see the authenticity and character reflected in a person’s face. Telling stories with her camera and sharing the lives of people she meets is what inspires and motivates her.

“I approach photography the same way I see music. Good music is timeless and pulls at your emotions and feelings. A good photograph will move you and make you feel something each time you look at it,  just like you can hear something new or hear the same thing differently every time you listen to a song.” Jeanne also has a love for all things coffee. A former barista,  she knows how to make a mean cup of Joe! Her favorite drink you ask? An iced Americano! Jeanne lives with her husband,  Josh,  in Macedonia. When she’s not shooting photography you can find her playing bass at Seacoast Church in Summerville,  enjoying the latest zombie movie,  or practicing her love for special FX makeup.

Jeanne is based in Charleston,  SC. She is available to shoot weddings and portraits in Charleston and around the Southeast.


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