Hello, It’s Jennifer Buddin and Every Busy Woman, Another Sponsor!!

Woohoo, we’ve got the women behind us!! Meet our latest Sponsor, Jennifer Buddin and Every Busy Woman!

Jennifer Buddin is the founder and president of Every Busy Woman LLC,  a boutique publishing house specializing in print,  web and social media projects of interest to women. Every Busy Woman publishes The Little Black Book for every busy woman®,  a word-of-mouth directory for women founded in 2000. She is a proud wife,  smitten mother and enthusiastic community volunteer.  In 2005,  she received the Charleston Regional Business Journal’s “Forty Under 40” Award and in 2010,  was named one of Stiletto Woman Magazine’s “25 Amazing Women of the Year”. Jennifer performs comedy improv at Theatre 99 in Charleston as part of the main stage cast as well as in the groups Mary Kay has a Posse and Hot Pants. She is a speaker,  consultant and enthusiastic cheerleader for women living consciously and powerfully.

For more information, Visit Every Busy Woman online, Facebook and Twitter!




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