Visit God’s Green Acres Grand Opening This Weekend!

Our amazing Sponsor, God’s Green Acres is having a Grand Opening to celebrate their new location.  Come join them! It’s the same great store, now two doors down on Central Avenue (Summerville, SC)!

From their Facebook page:

God’s Green Acre is happy to announce the
Grand Opening of our new store (located adjacent
to our old store) at 1244-B Central Ave.
The Grand Opening will be Friday March 20th from 9 am to
6 pm and Saturday March 21st from 9 am to 5:30 pm.
We will be having a 20% off sale on most of our in-stock
products and a drawings for a gift basket, essential oil diffuser, and
other prizes as well.
Please stop by and check out our new store!


Thank you all for your support!

Thank you again for all your support in making Cupcake Camp 2015 a success! Over $535 was donated to Dorchester Habitat for Humanity​ Restore. We couldn’t have done it without you all!

Meet Paolo Licciardi, Sponsor of Cupcake Camp Summerville! 

Meet Paolo Licciardi, Creator of Sapone di Paolo, quality handmade soaps, shaving creams, balms and much more.


Why am I here?  What made me decide to start making shaving products?

Oddly enough, it all started with my hands.

I was suffering from dry, cracked and often bleeding hands.  It was to a point where getting dressed, or reaching into my pocket for my wallet, or tapping the turn signal in my car, or picking just about anything up would split open my fingers.  I was getting beyond frustrated.

I used every hand cream.  I went to the dermatologist.  He gave me steroid ointments which healed it, but it would always come back a week later.  Completely sick of having four bandaids on my hands at once, it was time to solve this on my own.

My research began.  After some time and testing, I found that removing sulfates from my skin did the trick.  This led me into the world of natural products.  Once I had cleaned up my ingredient lists with everything in the sink, shower, laundry, etc., I was still feeling slightly itchy when I shaved.  This brought me to the wonderful and intriguing world of the traditional wet shaving community.

I had learned how to shave as a teen with safety razors.  After years of canned foams and gels, bad disposable razors, electric razors and every other gimmick, it was a welcomed return to my roots along with the newly acquired interest in shaving soaps.  I dove right in.

Creams. Soaps. Hard. Soft. Balms. Splashes. Endless scents. Brushes. Blades… It’s all very intoxicating and addictive.

With a few favorites, I thought “why not try to make your perfect soap?”  Take the slickness from this one, a scent like that one and the post shave feel from that other one and make my super soap! I’m a genius!

Until I actually tried it.  I very abruptly learned a new and great respect for soap makers.

But I persevered.  It is a very intriguing and enjoyable process.  It lets me be both creative AND nerdy!  After several months of tinkering and tweaking, I finally have my perfect soap.  It lathers easily, it’s slick, it smells fantastic and my face feels great hours later.

And now I can hopefully pass that same feeling on to you.

We can hardly wait to try it! launches on Monday, 3/16/15. Follow Paolo @saponedipaolo and support Charleston locally!



PARKING for tomorrow

PARKING: There are several parking spots available but we encourage carpooling as we may or may not be allowed to park at New Life Baptist Church across the street. You may park on Cinnamon and Greyback Roads (parallel to Dorchester Habitat but please do not  park on Mallard as it will be towed at owner’s expense.