A minimum of 72 cupcakes is required to enter one category of the competition.  Bakers who bring 144 or more are permitted to enter two categories of the competition.  Bakers who bring 240 or more are permitted to enter all three categories.  For the category you are entering, please submit 3 cupcakes (one for each judge, exception is Best Decorated, only 1 cupcake is required).  For this competition, cupcakes must be regular sized. Also, please note that cupcakes will not be refrigerated, so consider ingredients that may melt or spoil and affect overall judging.

1:72, 2:144, 3:240 = we all win!


Best Easter Theme (ingredients + design)

Best Tasting (taste)

Best Use of Chocolate (ingredients, design, and creativity)


To register, please register under the Bakers tab. If you are unable to see the form, please cut and paste your answers below to

Name (first, last):

Business/Company name (if applicable):

Phone number:

Email address:

Address (include street, city and zip code):

How did you hear about Cupcake Camp Summerville?

Are you entering the baker’s contest (if you are entering the contest, please note minimum required for 1 category is 72 cupcakes, for two categories, minimum is 144 and for three categories, minimum is 240 cupcakes and you must set aside 3 cupcakes per contest for the judges)?

If yes, which contest(s) are you entering? (Best Easter Theme, Best Tasting or Best Use of Chocolate)

How many cupcakes you are bringing (the more, the merrier!)?

Name of cupcake(s) [please list and number each cupcake style you plan to bring–you can always change your mind later]:


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